Kinemaster latest version out with 3 exciting new features

With the release of KineMaster latest version, it has added Magic Remover, another unique tool, to its long list of a combination of idiosyncratic and powerful tools and features, that are already available for the current users of the best video editing platform out there.

KineMaster is a resourceful video editor that has completely changed the game when it comes to video editing. Using its unbelievably awesome features and tools, like the ability to remove background noise, add animated text, crop videos accordingly, export video in 4k and many more amazing features and tools like this, you can make a bland and boring video look like a professionally edited one in a matter of minutes. Just select the video you want to look out of this world and let your creativity fly sky-high.

kinemaster latest version

. After its update, KineMaster latest version now directly opens on the Home Screen, providing you an easier access to finding that one perfect template.

. With the Kinemaster latest update, some tweakings have been done here and there, to facilitate you. Now the process to start customizing the templates starts by clicking the Mix button.

. A sign-in feature is also included in the Kinemaster latest version, that provides you access to those video templates and also a library of the video templates you have added as a favorite can be found in the Me section.

Magic Remover

With the Kinemaster latest version, KineMaster has released the Magic Remover tool for its millions of users from around the world. Magic Remover, as it is in the name, magically removes the background layer from behind the person in a photo or a video with just a single tap.

A few updates back, KineMaster released the amazing Chroma Key tool, utilizing which users could easily remove the solid color background of a photo or a video. Whereas, while using other platforms removing the background wasn’t such an easy task, KineMaster made sure that they provided their users with the maximum number of unique tools to facilitate them.

And with this update, they came in guns blazing as they released this game-changing tool of Magic Remover, where the other platforms cannot even remove the solid color from the background of a photo or a video, using this latest offering by KineMaster, you can completely remove the background of a photo or a video with just a single tap. And additionally, Magic Remover is a really easy-to-use tool and doesn’t require any expertise.

KineMaster with its updates and releases really hits all the niches, making sure nothing goes unchecked. This long list of powerful and fantastic features and tools, to which it keeps adding, is a major reason why its users are increasing rapidly day by day. Magic Remover is another mind-blowing addition to its already long list of thrilling and exciting features and tools. Learn more about how you can fully utilize this new feature by watching this video on YouTube.

Video Editing made Easy with KineMaster Latest Version

So basically, KineMaster is the only app you need to cover all your desires and needs when it comes to photo and video editing. Its innovative interface and a plethora of unrepeated and distinctive tools and features, which by the way keep increasing with each coming update, make it the only app to have on your smartphone for video editing.

As the developing team has confirmed, shortly, they are going to let users have the ability to share their projects within the app itself. This just opens a new portal for the users of Kinemaster, as now without having to change the app, they can share their edited product with other users of all levels from around the globe, and know what better you can do to the edited product to make it look even better than before

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