Chroma Key in Kinemaster: 13 Steps to Stunning Visuals

To utilize Chroma Key in Kinemaster, begin by bringing in your video film. Pick the video or picture you need as the foundation and put it on the lowermost layer. Then, add the closer view video or picture containing the subject before a green or blue screen onto a layer over the foundation. Select the chroma key impact from the media choices, normally signified by an enchanted wand symbol.

Use the variety picker to pick the particular green or blue shade in the frontal area. Change the settings until the foundation becomes straightforward, uncovering the picked foundation layer. Tweak depending on the situation for a consistent chroma key impact. Once fulfilled, trade your video, and you’re prepared to impart your substance to an expert and cleaned look.

How to use Chroma Key in Kinemaster thekinemasterpro

This is one of the many unique features that Kinemaster brings to the table, and that is precisely why, if you want up your editing game, you need to use Kinemaster. As like this feature, there are many other features and tools that only Kinemaster has, such as, ability to crop videos, remove background noise, add animated text to video, export video in 4k and many more features just like this.

Chroma Key

In this article, we will mainly talk about its popular feature of using the chroma key to change the background of your video to whatever you like. This is the same feature that is used widely in movies to change the background of it. You would only need a static color screen (mostly green )to use the Chroma Key feature. If you are someone who likes that their videos have a neat and tidy background, it becomes crucial for you to learn how to use the Chroma Key feature.

The only disadvantage that comes with it is that you need to upgrade your Kinemaster to kinemaster pro to use it, which would cost you some, but if you don’t want to spend your money on buying it and also want all the paid features, you can simply download Kinemaster pro from our website, which would give you the access to all those paid features for absolutely free.

Step by step Guide to use Chroma Key in Kinemaster

Below is the step by step guide through which you will be able to learn all the fundamentals you need to know about Chroma Key and how to use it in no time.

1 – Firstly, you would need to download and install Kinemaster from play store or apple store and buy its premium subscription.

2 – Then you will need to either make a short video clip with a green background or select a video file, which already has the green background by using Chroma Key in Kinemaster.

3 – Now you need to go to your device’s gallery, and select and import any image with a green screen.

4 – Then you need to click on the layer and import the selected green screen video or image. Just remember that, the green screen image or video imported is an additional layer and not the original one.

5 – After you have imported the image or video with a green background in Kinemaster, the Chroma Key option will automatically start showing on the right-side panel.

6 – Now you will need to click on it to see the Chroma Key in Kinemaster.

7 – Once there, you will need to tap on the ‘Enable’ button to turn it on.

8 – When that is done, you can edit your photo or video with the given tools however you want it. You can add layers of text, effects etc.

9 – It also lets you adjust the transparency level of the green screen layer. You are also able to move the clip wherever you want on the screen and you can even resize the video clip by pinching it in and out.

10 – Once you are satisfied with the end result, you can then simply export your video clip by clicking on the ‘Share’ button in the left side panel.

11 – When you click on it, it will ask you to select the size and video quality of the video to export.

12 – There are many options available, like 720p, 30fps and many more from which you can select any, in which you want to export your video.

13 – Once the export process is completed, you will find the video in your phone’s gallery.


In this article, we covered all the basics you need to know in order to use the Chroma Key in Kinemaster. Once you get the hang of it, you can use more layers to give your video a more detailed and professional look. This feature of Kinemaster is one of its best, as it greatly helps you when you cannot find your desired location to shoot your video.

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