Blur video in KineMaster using these 8 step easy Guide

KineMaster is a full-fledged video editor that provides you with the maximum number of tools, includes a mixture of both basic and advanced tools, and is undoubtedly the best video editing app available to download on a smartphone and blur video in kinemaster.

It gives you many choices, even when you want to edit the background of a video. Blurring a video background is one of the most used operations by many users. Blurring a video background subconsciously diverts the viewer’s attention back to the subject of the video by blurring everything around it, and it also provides the video with a neat and tidy look.


Blur video in Kinemaster, is one of its most useful feature. And Kinemaster, other than this, provides you with many other amazing and unique features and tools like the ability to export vides in 4k, crop videos, remove the background noise, add animated text and many more.

Step-by-step guide on how to blur video in Kinemaster

As it is an advanced function, someone who is just beginning to get into the groove, and doesn’t know all the steps to do so might mess up, That is why exclusively for those, we have provided an easy to follow step by step guide below, which will help them immensely to blur video in kinemaster.

1 – Firstly, open the KineMaster app on your smartphone and if you don’t already have it, go ahead and download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

2 – Once you have downloaded the Kinemaster app in your android or iOS device, import the video you want to add blur to.

3 – Once you have chosen a video, click on its layers and select the Effects option. After that, click on the Basic Effect option.

4 – Inside that option, you will need to select the Gaussian blur and apply it to your video.

5 – Once you do so, the blur will be applied to the whole video. Now to limit it to certain areas where you want the blur effect, you will need to scale that region. Here you can also adjust the blur effect’s opacity.

6 – Now to enhance it even further, click on the Mask option. The Mask option provides you with a number of shapes and patterns. Using the Mask ability, you can add blur in a shape to a certain region to make it look more neat.

7 – Also in the feather option, you can use the Feather option, using which you will be able to neat out the edges and make it look more refined.

8 – Lastly, if you want you can also apply animation to the region, where you have applied the blur effect to provide it with a unique look.

And that is all, if you want, you can skip the later steps, but using those will provide you with much more vivid and clear results of blur video in Kinemaster.


To conclude, KineMaster is the one and only video editor you need to have in a smartphone to cover all your needs for video editing.In this article, however, we chiefly explained everything about how you can add blur to a video and why it is important to do so.

Blurring the video background makes the subject of the video more apparent, and this is the same effect used in high-end Hollywood movies to achieve the same result. Additionally, we have also provided an instruction manual to further facilitate you with this sort of operation.

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