Top 3 Best Export Settings for KineMaster: A Master Guide

If you are into photo and video editing professionally or are just someone who likes to enhance their own photos and videos before you post them on any social media outlet, you would have surely come across export settings for kinemaster, But to get the best results possible with Kinemaster, you need to know the best export settings for Kinemaster. KineMaster is a one-of-a-kind photo and video editor that provides you with plenty of features and tools that consist of a mixture of basic and advanced.

best export settings for kinemaster

But when you have edited a video or shot it through KineMaster, there are three options you get, when you want to export it, and these tend to be confusing for some users. And if you are one of them, worry not as we provide you with the best export settings for KineMaster. The default settings are set based on what is compatible with most of the devices out there. But if you are someone, who wants to enhance the final result further, they should know these best export settings for Kinemaster:

1 – Frames per Second

The frame rate that you apply to the video is a major factor that affects its overall viewing experience. You don’t need to set it too high or too low. A balanced frame rate per second (fps) allows the viewer to enjoy seamless playback transition without much lag. A perfect value for fps is between 25 to 30, as it is not too high nor too low. The highest value it can go up to is 60 fps.

2 – Resolution

Resolution is one of the main settings that influence the final result of a video. The higher the resolution, the clearer the content will be. Whereas the lower resolution will be much or much less size, the content viewed will be of much inferior quality. KineMaster provides you with various resolution settings, in which you can export your edited video. The resolutions that KineMaster includes are
. 360p
. 480p
. 540p
. 720p (HD)
. 1080p (Full HD)
. 2160p (4k or UHD)

You should choose any resolution between 720p and 1080p, which will make sure that the viewer enjoys the viewing experience and the file isn’t too heavy and is stably playing on every device. But if you want a crystal-clear and want every little detail to pop out, then exporting your video in 4k is the best bet for you.

3 – Bitrate

This value is the visual representation of the number of bits per second in your video. It shows at what rate your data is being transmitted. There are many metric systems that are out there, but Kinemaster uses the bitrate of megabits per second (Mbps). Every resolution available in which you can export your video has an ideal value to ensure amazing video quality without any lag:
720p (HD): 5-8 Mbps
1080p (Full HD): 8-12 Mbps
2160p (4K or UHD): At least 35Mbps

This is one major reason why we recommended using 720p or 1080p while export settings for kinemaster your video, as it lets you play the video without any buffer, due to median bitrate.

File Format

There are many file formats in which you can export video from KineMaster. These include MP4, MKV, and MOV. MP4 is the most commonly used one as it allows you to play the video seamlessly on most devices. However, if you want you can easily change the format to experiment with it on different devices to know on which device it works the best. But if you are publishing a universal video, the best format you can use is MP4.

Best export settings for kinemaster in audio

Along with the visual quality, KineMaster also provides you with different audio export settings for kinemaster. You have the choice between audio bitrate, stereo, and audio properties, you can choose any out of these that best suits you according to the project you have at hand. But remember to preview any option you set to make sure that what you have set is the best and that it supports a balanced audio-visual experience. And to further enhance it, you can also remove the background noise in a video.


That’s it for this blog. We hope that you will find this blog on best export settings for Kinemaster useful. Export settings for kinemaster qualities affect the overall result of your edits so, it is important that you choose the idle export settings, and if you want the visual representation of this guide, you can watch this video on YouTube, which will further assist you. If you want to read more amazing guides like this one then check out our blog page as well, where other than providing you with detailed comparisons, and helpful guides, we also provide you with insightful and latest news regarding Kinemaster.

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